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About Our Company

Froggy Ceramics is a paint-your-own pottery studio located in Auburn, California. We cater to everyone who likes to try their hand at making personalized ceramics. Plates, jars, figurines, and every single ceramic item we have in stock can be painted. Start creating unique art pieces when you visit us today.

What sets our company apart is that we make a lot of the ceramics for everyone to paint. You can choose from an array of ceramic items we have including animal-shaped pieces, plates, vases, and other ceramic knickknacks.

Meet Our Owner, Kay Kinter

Kay Kinter has been doing ceramics for more than 24 years. She started the business to showcase her hobby and skills in pottery. She developed an interest in ceramics while homeschooling her children. Kay discovered that it was a fun activity to nurture the creativity of her little ones.

Aside from pottery painting and decorating, Kay has the expertise in making ceramics. She creates wonderful and quality pottery pieces of various forms, designs, and sizes.

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